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Unwipe_Installer.exe – 7.5MB. Made for Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

The Unwipe free trial will scan your system for recoverable files. To complete recovery, you will need to buy a license ($39.95USD MSRP).

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Any issues downloading the Unwipe trial can be resolved by emailing our Support team.

Installation instructions for Unwipe trial

Unwipe's trial installer is 7.5MB. The download will take approximately 40 seconds on a standard broadband Internet connection.

The Unwipe free trial will scan your computer for recoverable files for free. Completion of recovery requires the purchase of a license ($39.95USD MSRP).

1. Save the Unwipe installer

Click the "Save File" button when the browser download dialog appears.

Note: To protect your recoverable data, save the installer to a secondary hard drive or a thumb drive.

2. Open the Unwipe installer

When the download is complete, double-click on Unwipe_Installer.exe in the browser's download manager.

3. Follow the installer's instructions

The installer will take you the rest of the way - follow its instructions to install and run Unwipe on your computer.

Note: If you have a USB thumb drive or a secondary hard drive available, select it for installation when prompted. Doing so will help protect your recoverable data and increase the chance of successful recovery.

Purchasing a license

If you're satisfied by the results of Unwipe's scan for recoverable data on your system, please buy a license to convert the trial in to a fully-functional retail copy.

This trial will scan your computer for recoverable deleted files. Files you want to undelete will be prepared for recovery. The recoverable data will not be modified. To finish the file recovery process, you must register the product.

Removing the Unwipe trial

If you would like to remove Unwipe from your system, please take the following steps:

These steps will completely remove Unwipe from your system.