Recover your deleted files.

Unwipe uses superior recovery technology to undelete files, photos, and documents from your PC.

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Improved data recovery

Unwipe uses advanced technology to preserve your recoverable data and increase its recovery rate.

Dedicated support team

Certified computer professionals support Unwipe users and help them get their data back.

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Unwipe's 2-minute scan will thoroughly check your computer for recoverable files.

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Our customers have used Unwipe to successfully recover:

  • Documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.)
  • Photos (digital cameras, external hard drives, and Photo folders)
  • Important files (saved emails, system files)

How Unwipe Works

When files are deleted from your computer, the file's data is usually preserved. To save time, your operating system just marks the space that the deleted file occupies as 'available' - and until another file or operation needs that space, your deleted file will remain recoverable.

That's why when you accidentally delete a file, you need to act fast. Computers that have been heavily used since the file was deleted, or that have performed a disk-heavy operation (like a defrag or full reformat), are less likely to have recoverable files. Even everyday operations like installing new software can have adverse effects on the recoverability of deleted data.

Unwipe includes proprietary RecoverSafe™ technology that, when used correctly, can increase the recoverability of user-deleted data by up to 80%. When you undelete files with Unwipe, the software intelligently reads all recoverable files off your disk and in to your computer's RAM. Only once the files are all read off the disk does it write the recovered files back to your hard drive. This way, the recovery operation doesn't interfere with the recoverability of other deleted files.

Unwipe supports the following operating systems: